So, as you can imagine, the desire for screen accurate costumes has become huge, and while many cosplayers make their own costumes, there are also many people who are unable to make these costumes themselves. And that’s where we come in! I have many years of costume making experience and make most of our family’s costumes. Here are some examples of the costumes I have made.

Therefore if you are interested in having a costume made for you, I am happy to talk and see if I can help. I can either make the costume from scratch or source the relevant parts to compile an outfit for you. As I’m sure you can appreciate, making these costumes as accurate as possible takes a lot of time. Some are obviously more elaborate than others, so the charging structure is based on cost of materials plus an hourly charge of £10 per hour for the time it takes to put together. I can take commissions at any time and will give you a rough estimation on how long and how much a particular outfit will cost.