Hello and welcome to Fancy Pants – our Fancy Dress Hire and Cosplay Emporium! We are the new owners of the fancy dress shop in Cranbrook (previously known as The Party Practice). We are very excited by our new venture and look forward to welcoming you to our shop at some point in the near future. Stepping into Fancy Pants is like walking into something magical from your childhood. The shop is positively bijou in size, yet full to the brim with costumes and accessories everywhere you look – it’s almost Tardis like in its ability to store so much! You will really feel like you are in a time warp – or in an episode of Mr Benn!! We are still very much in the early stages of getting things set up, but we have lots of plans and will be keeping customers notified via this website and our Facebook page.

Come see our amazing selection of costumes at our new store. PLUS we will be opening our online shop soon to make it even easier for you to find your perfect costume.

FANCY PANTS is located at
Kent House, 33 Stone Street
Cranbrook, Kent
TN17 3HF

Phone: 01580 715340